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Damilola Soyoye


My name is DamiLola Soyoye, I was born in Nigeria but spent my childhood in Ireland before turning 13 and becoming a teenager in Manchester until now where I live with my husband and 4 month old baby Tola! P.S If you love adorable baby pics (I mean who doesn’t?) Check out her IG page @TolaSariah
I have always been passionate about women and girls. Since a very young age. My primary school in Ireland was an all girls school, I was obsessed with the Spice Girls and their famous slogan “girl power” resonated with me at such a young age. I was also obsessed with Destiny’s Child and the messages of an Independent Woman drew me like no other! You could say I was being primed for this very thing I’m doing now.
I had launched so many businesess and creative ventures over the years but knew I had not really found my calling. It took years before I realised that its not just women that are my passion, but Black women. I love seeing Black women win.
After becoming a mother, I knew I couldn’t necessarily do things the same way I used to as a single girl, or even a married woman with no children. I knew my pace would be different but I was determined to still ‘have’ a pace.
I went in search of a community full of women just like me, but just wasn’t satisfied, that’s when I decided to team up with Wendy, whom I knew was a very likeminded driven mama, and we created the community we had been looking for but could not find. A place where black mothers who have creative and entrepreneurial talents, goals and dreams could come together to push each other forward, and also learn together how to become better mothers and partners.

Wendy A Abijo 



” I was born in Nigeria but moved to Germany with my family when I was just 9 months old. That’s where I spent the majority of my childhood until I moved to the UK at the age of 14. 

I now live in Manchester with my husband and my 2 girls, Yasmine and Ameerah.
Being a mum to two girls is what ignited my desire to become the best woman I can be so my girls could look to me as a Role model and not some celebrity on TV! So I started my personal development journey, reading books, buying courses and investing in coaches. This helped me to completely transform my mindset and take actions towards achieving the life I desire. 
In 2018 I joined a Network Marketing business which was absolutely awesome. This journey accelerated my personal development journey and I found myself in rooms with 6,7 and even 8 figure earners. Being in close proximity and developing friendships with some of these high level men and women showed me that we all have the opportunity to achieve the life we want no matter our background, gender, skin colour or race. 
Through this journey I built amazing teams and my favourite part was being able to develop my team members, seeing their mindset shift and personal growth. That’s when I realised my purpose is truly to help people elevate and transform their mindset and their way of BEING. 
I learned that as black women we often shrink ourselves and we allow the realities of our background and upbringing to limit us. I want to see black women stand in their power and develop unshakable self-belief and self-worth. 
Being surrounded by other women who look like you, with a similar upbringing, who are winning and relentlessly pursuing their dreams and goals will not only inspire you but will provide you with the right support to enable you to take action and fast track your own success. “

Meet the team

Melissa Hines

Community Manager

My name Is Melissa Hines, aka Mellie born in North London – Islington and lived all of my life in the vibrant South London town and where I currently still reside. CEO & founder of “Motivate with Mellie” A social media community where I share my views, talk, interview and coach about mind-set, health & Wealth. 

I’m a Mum to two beautiful young queens and I must say this has been my biggest achievement to date, and just feel so blessed every time I look at my girls, the feeling gives me a burning desire to do more and become more so my daughters can be proud and inspired to live an abundant life without limitations. 

Being born into a family of go getters, the youngest sibling of 4 and the daughter of “Ekanem Hines” an Advocate, A pillar of strength within the black community that changed other people’s views, impacted lives, raised awareness, spoke & empowered others especially women through Racism (working & living), Stereotypes and stigma of mental health, Being a single mother and the juggling effects, just left me in awe of her work ethic and proud of the impact my mum made within the community was just so inspiring to me. Living & Growing up in an environment like this literally struck a match light in me creating a burning desire to inspire, elevate and serve my fellow black sisters, whichever way shape or form. 

I knew that for sure but sometimes I just didn’t know how or where to start, so I Invested in a coach, starting learning my craft,  educating myself, becoming a student, and being a fish in a small pond with the intention to dive into the big sea one day.

In 2016 I began my journey in the on-line space becoming a business owner within a Network Marketing company, I Absolutely loved everything I was learning, and educating my mind and growing as an individual was just incredible. The events, places, countries I started to visit was just a new journey for me, The circles I start to network in, especially the women in the industry gave me that buzzing feeling every time I left a conference, and felt like I could do anything and everything I set my mind to.  You see it’s all about the Mind “how you see, view, believe, react and execute” will go a long way on this life journey. 

Spending time in these environments I started to change how I saw things and my believe level was 10/10, I just knew this was the life for me. So I started doing small motivational videos online talking about, Motherhood and growing a business, juggling a 9-5 with your dreams, mind-set and health is wealth topics and went on to receive some positive amazing feedback about how I made a difference after listening to my live or reading one of my social posts, or even my weekly Monday motivation message cheered them up or even set their tone for the day. 

The feedback made me so happy that I was making an impact and a positive difference to people, how they saw things and maybe even changed their approach to certain situations. I felt like I was Winning, Inspiring and this feeling alone made my vision even more crystal clear that making an impact, elevating & motivating others, changing lives is definitely my calling and God given assignment. 

Everything I envisioned doing was starting to fall into place, and then I was invited by my dear friend, business partner, success sister Wendy to work alongside her and a team of incredible, motivated, driven, passionate black queens to create a movement, a safe space, a community of likeminded business mommas was just an absolute honour. 

I for one feel super blessed to be a part of this growing community for Black Mothers and mothers to be in business, and I for one can’t wait to work with you, motivate you, grow together and inspire my fellow queens to affirm yourselves, know yourselves and to straitening your crooked crown for ya’ll to walk the path you were destined for.     “XOXO – MELLIE”




Business Assistant 



Meet Our Founding Members

Amy Brathwaite 

Bimz Debays 

Violet Daka

Michelle Jenmi

Roxanna Blair

Anwin Mbah

Denise Ulasi 

Makeda Bernard

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Members Reviews

"The major reason for joining the club was the discipline and focus of the team. You were both not after the crowd joining, but about attracting specific like-minded members. I hope to gain more skills and confidence to become who I have always wanted to be with this Amazing community!"
Bimz Debays
"Apart from the weekly calls, the empowerment and wealth of knowledge from every woman in this community is incredible. From brainstorming to help another sister get through obstacles on her business journey o coming up with ideas/affirming another sisters dreams when it comes to creating her own business!"
Lakeisha Broughton
"I really enjoyed how the masterclass was just so cool, natural and you both came across so cool, natural and REAL. And it wasn't like you were pushing the membership. What I hope to gain is more confidence and have the mindset when to snap out of limited belief. The way we will work through each of the pillars, and not jump from one thing to the next. Plus the class had so much energy I know this will be an incredible community to be apart of!"
Amy Brathwaite