We are so grateful for the online world, however we know that women, especially Black women are dying for community. Face to face community. 

1 in 5 people living in the Western world live with Isolation. I’m sure you can agree that at some point, you have felt lonely. Add to that the fact that you’re a creative woman, or entrepreneurial woman, and a mother. It’s real. 

That’s why we have made it our priority from the beginning to also host face to face events in the very near future. We are dedicated to hosting at least one annual event, and don’t worry they won’t all be in London. Wendy and I are proud Mancunians so we definitely will be hosting events in Manchester and all over the UK over time. 


It is VERY important for us to be able to bring Like-minded sisters, OFFLINE and actually meet in person, because we know the power of the transformations you can have in a room like that.

If you’re an introvert, and you’re in a room of 200 women, don’t feel that you have to go and meet 200 of them, even if you meet 1 woman who clicks with you, you could develop the most incredible relationship with her. 

You could meet your new business-mama-bestie. The energy you could gain from her is incredible. She can give you direct support when you need it.

So stay tuned for when we will have more information about this!