Nubian Funding

Nubian Funding is dedicated to creating and highlighting opportunities for Ambitious Black Women, Entrepreneurs, Side hustlers, and Mumpreneurs/Mompreneurs to get access to the CAPITAL and FUNDING they need!


Statistics have shown us that Black Women continued to be failed by the traditional systems and left behind financially!


We have AMAZING business ideas, but little ways to bring these ideas to life ourselves due to lack of financial resources!


With Nubian Funding, we are shining a light on grant funding available to you, and crowdfunding opportunities to raise capital for your business,
as well as offering 1-1 crowdfunding coaching!

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding means raising small amounts of money from many different people for a cause, project, or business venture equating to a large amount of capital. 

You can gather contributions from family, friends, and followers. Entrepreneurs launch campaigns on social media or on crowdfunding platforms like BuildHer in order to access a wider network of potential backers.

How can I learn more about how to start a Crowdfunding campaign on my own?



We offer a complete A-Z Guide which documents absolutely everything you need to know to create your own successful crowdfunding campaign and raise the capital you need for your project for just £19.99 


What is ‘Nubian Funding’ and what model does it follow?

‘Nubian Funding’ is a crowdfunding platform catered for Women Of Black Origin. 

We follow the rewards and perks model described previously based on receiving contributions in exchange for special rewards like early access to products, pre-sales, discounts, gifts and more. 


Why Run a Crowdfunding Campaign?

It’s easy and straightforward to do and carries lower risk for contributors compared to one investor putting in several thousands or more into a project. It allows your new startup to reach far and wide and is a great marketing and publicity tool. Every person that contributes to your project now becomes a follower, a loyal fan of your product/brand and is ready to support your creation way beyond when the campaign is over.  

Your campaign is presented as a webpage with a video, images and description. 

With Nubian Funding you can also publish information about the project, post updates, engage with potential investors or customers on social media, and keep track of financial goals.

If you need more funding later perhaps from banks, investors or venture capitalists, a good campaign proves to them your idea has potential and an audience already.

Are there success stories from crowdfunding?

Yes, crowdfunding is a whole new culture that is here to stay thanks to technology.

BILLIONS of pounds and dollars has been raised through crowdfunding platforms, bringing hundreds of thousands of new innovations, new small businesses, new inventions, new creative projects, and more into reality.

How can I work with Nubian Funding?

At Nubian Funding we offer Coaching Services for building your own Crowdfunding campaign which includes: 


  • 12 Weeks Of 90minute 1-1 Coaching Calls Covering EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Raising ‘Debt Free’ Money For Your Business Through Crowdfunding.
  • Campaign Strategy Planning- Implementing ‘Tried & Tested Strategies’ To Help You Achieve A Successful Fully Funded Campaign.
  • Campaign Story Creation – We Know What It Takes To Write A Catchy, Emotive And Engaging Description Which Will Capture The Mind And Heart Of Any Potential “BackHer”. 
  • Campaign Video Creation – Full Guidance & Editing To Create A Winning Video.
  • Full Guidance And Assistance With ‘Rewards’ Selection & Creation.
  • Copywriting Support To Help You Stand Out And Convert Your Target Audience Into Backers.
  • Image Selection Support- People Are Visual Creatures And A Picture Speaks 1000 Words. We Help You Choose/Create/Design The Best Images For Your Campaign Page.
  • Lifetime Access To Resources & Tools Which Will Help You Identify & Build An Audience, And Learn How To Tailor Your MESSAGE In The Most Attractive Way.
  • Technical Support With Paid Advertising Ie. FB/IG Ads, Landing Page And Funnel Creation.
  • Technical Support With Setting Up and/or Writing Email Sequences.
  • Access To Newsletter, And PR Messaging Templates That Educate And Encourage Your Network To Back Your Campaign.
  • Media Strategies, Introduction To Templates and Strategies That Work To Get The Attention Of Relevant Journalists, Bloggers etc.
  • Mindset Work- Identifying & Removing Toxic Thoughts, Mentalities & Doubts So That You Are Fully Mentally Prepared & Focussed For Your Upcoming Campaign.
  • Secret Tips And Advice On Lessons Learnt From Working On Multiple Campaigns.
  • Ongoing Email Support Outside Of Weekly Calls.
  • Close Monitoring, Input And Feedback Throughout The Duration Of Your Coaching and Campaign.
  • Weekly Access To Your Private Coaching Call Recordings So You Can Recap Anytime, Anywhere.
  • Full Support With Creating Your Own Campaign Page
  • Lifetime Access To Our Private Slack Group With Previous Campaigners Where You Can Gain More Insights, Connections, And Support For Your Crowdfunding Journey And Beyond.
  • A BONUS “Midway Catch Up Session” halfway through your campaign to discuss progress and/or make changes/improvements to strategy
If you believe our coaching programme is just what you need to help you achieve your goal of raising capital, then we invite you to apply, so we can identify if and how we can help you, and invite you to a Free Strategy call to find out more about your goals and objectives!